Stanford Affiliates

Stanford University
Professor of Law; Pathways Editorial Board Member
concentrated poverty, municipal fiscal distress, bankruptcy, deindustrialization
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Stanford University
Associate Professor of Education; Associate Director, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research
transitions to post-secondary education, diversity and college students, faculty diversity
Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Sociology
social stratification, migration and immigrant incorporation, race and ethnicity, health
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Stanford University
Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law, Justin M. Roach, Jr. Faculty Scholar
race and law, family law, equal protection
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Stanford University
Professor of Education
collaborate learning processes and outcomes, problem- and project-based approaches to learning
Advisory Board Member, Stanford IRiSS; Former Vice Chairman and Managing Principal, Deloitte LLP
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Stanford University
Edward Ames Edmonds Professor in Economics, Senior Fellow (by courtesy) at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
public finance, industrial organization, political economy, behavioral economics, microeconomic theory
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Stanford University
Income and Wealth Research Group Leader, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics
management practices across firms and countries
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Stanford University
Clarence Irving Lewis Professor of Philosophy; Professor of classics
ancient philosophy, Plato
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Stanford University
Professor of Law (Teaching), Director, Stanford Community Law Clinic
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Assistant Professor of Political Economy
public opinion, voter behavior, research methodology
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Stanford University
Pigott Family School of Education Professor, Emeritus
civil and moral education, ethical and civic dimensions of educational policy, multicultural education and minority rights in education
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Stanford University
Leon Sloss Jr. Memorial Professor, Emeritus
Mexican American history, Chicano studies, comparative urban histories of ethnic and racial minorities in the US, African Americans and Latinos in contemporary urban America
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Stanford University
Vida Jacks Professor of Education
economics of education, labor economics, international education
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Stanford University
Professor of Psychology; Director, Stanford Center on Longevity; Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy; principal investigator for the Stanford Life-span Development Laboratory.
socio-emotional selectivity theory, emotional development throughout the life-span, role of social relationships in psychological well-being, influence of motivation on cognitive processing in old age
Advisory Board Member, Stanford IRiSS; Partner, Population Health Centers
Advisory Board Chair, Stanford IRiSS; Senior VP of SaaS Engineering, Nutanix
Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Sociology
law and society, race and ethnicity, cultural sociology, criminal justice, qualitative methods
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Advisory Board Member, Stanford IRiSS; Former President of Insight Center for Community Economic Development
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Stanford University
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society; Professor of Political Science, Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Law, Emeritus
political philosophy, philosophy of law, global justice