American Voices Project Research Briefs

The American Voices Project (AVP) is an innovative mixed-methods research project, built on a foundation of immersive interviews, that provides a new experimental infrastructure for research nationally on a wide variety of social topics. The experimental AVP is a joint initiative of Stanford with Princeton University.

See the complete description of the Center's American Voices Project research for a description of the methodology and additional external publications describing research based on AVP data. Also learn how to request access to AVP qualitative interview data for research. 

The Center has published a series of research reports based on AVP interviews that examine how people reacted to the wide-ranging social and economic disruptions in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some reports in this series were cosponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, as noted in the publications. Reports published to date in the AVP "Monitoring the Crisis" series include: