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Featured Recent Publications by CPI Affiliates

Little Boxes All the Same? Radical-Ethnic Segregation and Educational Inequality Across the Urban -Suburban Divide
Ann Owens, Peter Rich – RSF Journal of the Social Sciences

Robots and Workers: Evidence from the Netherlands
Daron Acemoglu, Hans R. A. Koster, & Ceren Ozgen – NBER
The Unexpected Compression: Competition at Work in the Low Wage Labor Market
David Autor, Arindrajit Dube, & Annie McGrew – NBER
High-Quality Formative Writing Assessment for Middle School Students in Tier 2 Literacy Interventions
Deborah K ReedKelly BinningEmily A. Jemison, & Nicole DeSalle – Learning Disabilities
A Research Agenda for Skills and Inequality
Dustin Avent-Holt & Donald Tomaskovic-Devey – Edward Elgar Publishing
Assessing the Effect of Increased Deportations on Mexican Migrants’ Remittances and Savings Brought Home
Rosa Weber & Douglas S. Massey – Population Research and Policy Review

The COVID Cash Transfer Study: The Impacts of a One-Time Unconditional Cash Transfer on the Well-Being of Families Receiving SNAP in Twelve States
Natasha V. PilkauskasBrian A. JacobElizabeth RhodesKatherine RichardH. Luke Shaefer – Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Gentrified Discipline: The Impact of Gentrification on Exclusionary Punishment in Public Schools
Francis A. Pearman – Social Problems
The Impact of Covid-19 on Older Workers’ Employment and Social Security Spillovers
Gopi Shah Goda, Emilie Jackson, Lauren Hersch Nicholas, & Sarah See Stith – Journal of Population Economics

The Effects of a Two-Generation English as a Second Language (ESL) Intervention on Immigrant Parents and Children in Head Start
Teresa Eckrich Sommer, Lauren A. Tighe, Terri J. Sabol, Elise Chor, P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Amanda S. Morris, & Christopher T. King – Applied Developmental Science

Happily Distant or Bitter Medicine? The Impact of Social Distancing Preferences, Behavior, and Emotional Costs on Subjective Wellbeing During the Epidemic
Sarah Kelley, M. D. R. Evans, & Jonathan Kelley – Applied Research in Quality of Life
Remote Work across Jobs, Companies, and Space
Stephen Hansen, Peter John Lambert, Nicholas Bloom, Steven J. Davis, Raffaella Sadun, & Bledi Taska – NBER
Ethically Challenged: Private Equity Storms Health Care
Laura Katz Olson – New Political Science
Why Does Happiness Respond Differently to an Increase vs. Decrease in Income?
Richard A. Easterlin – Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
New Frontiers of Integration: Convergent Pathways of Neighborhood Diversification in Metropolitan New York
Kasey Zapatka & Van C. Tran – RSF Journal of Social Sciences
Response to How Teacher Education Matters
Linda Darling-Hammond – Journal of Teacher Education
What Can Unions Do? An Impact Estimate for an Increase in the US Private-Sector Unionization Rate on Workers’ Earnings
Tali Kristal – Work and Occupations
Tensions and Demands in Society, Economic Justice and Progressivism, and Yet Another Way Forward
Edmund S. Phelps – Capitalism & Society
Not a Word Was Said Ever Again”: Silence and Speech in Women’s Oral History Accounts of Sexual Harassment
Estelle B. Freedman – The Oral History Review
Qualitative Literacy: A Guide to Evaluating Ethnographic and Interview Research
Mario Luis Small & Jessica McCrory Calarco – University of California Press
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Social Costs of Pretrial Electronic Monitoring in San Francisco
Sandra Susan Smith & Cierra Robson – SSRN
Community Health Worker-led Implementation of the Stanford Youth Diabetes Coaching Program in Underserved Latinx Communities
Ileana María Ponce-Gonzalez, Nathalia Jimenez, Eunice Rodriguez, Ashini Srivastava, & Michael L. Parchman – Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Voting Behavior is Unaffected by Subtle Linguistic Cues: Evidence from a Psychologically Authentic Replication
Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, & Albert H. Fang – Cambridge University Press