Inequality Workshop for Doctoral Students (SOC 341W)

This weekly workshop for Stanford doctoral students explores the causes, consequences, and structure of inequality and how inequality results from and shapes social classes, occupations, professions, and other aspects of the economy. The workshop includes discussion of controversies, theories, and recent writings. The format includes research presentations by students, postdocs, faculty, and guest speakers.

Enrollment is targeted to Stanford Sociology doctoral students, with others by consent of instructor.


Inequality Workshop

2024 Winter Schedule

Building 160, Room 314

Fridays, 11:30am – 12:50pm


Friday, Jan. 12 

Storms, Space, and Segregation: The Impacts of Climate Disasters on School Demographics 

Tyler McDaniel


Friday, Jan. 19 

Learning Together? Peer Income Exposure Across the Income Distribution 

Michelle Spiegel

Perceived Asian Threat and the Legitimacy of Student Merit Standards

Tommy Ren


Friday, Jan. 26

The Impact of Community Violence on Women's Reproductive Health in Mexico 

Signe Svallfors

NOTE: For this session, we’re asking all participants to read a draft before coming to the workshop. The draft can be found here.


Friday, Feb. 2

The General Social Survey's Grand Pivot and the Future of Big Survey Science

Jeremy Freese


Friday, Feb. 9

Playfulness and Ruthlessness as Mediators Between Competition and Economic Outcomes

Nick Sherefkin


Friday, Feb. 16

Exceptional but not Consequential? The Limited Effect of Belief in the American Dream on Support for Welfare Programs

David Broska


Friday, Feb. 23

Divergent Neighborhood Home Value Trajectories and the Black-White Wealth Gap

Iris Zhang


Friday, Mar. 1

The Labor of Disability

Maddie Anderson


Friday, Mar. 8

Financial Constraints and Parental Investments in Children?

Max Rong


Friday, Mar. 15

“You’re Supposed to Say White”: Discomfort and Distancing from White Racial Identification

Hye Jee Kim