California Data Dashboard

Building an Inclusive Economy

Where does California stand in building a just and inclusive economy? This interactive data dashboard highlights key metrics that can help monitor progress – at the state and county level – in meeting Californians’ basic needs, advancing access to opportunity, and reducing racial and other disparities in economic inclusion. This dashboard follows from the policy blueprint released by Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality in collaboration with End Poverty in California (EPIC).

A key initial objective is to reflect the starting point as we collectively emerge from the severe economic and social disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dashboard highlights data from 2021 or more recent wherever possible, and focuses on metrics relevant to the post-pandemic policy context.

These indicators are not exhaustive, but rather address meaningful aspects of inclusion and opportunity and complement otherwise available data, with attention to differences by race-ethnicity throughout. CPI plans to update and build on this initial dashboard moving forward to continue monitoring state and local progress in building an inclusive economy.

A note about comparing county data points to each other, and to statewide data points: California’s 58 counties vary substantially in resident demographics, characteristics of local economies, tax base, community-based organization capacity, and local government administrative capacity. All of these factors can contribute to differences in outcomes across the indicators shown in the dashboard.

Also note that data points estimated from survey data include some uncertainty, reflected in the confidence intervals shown for these data points in the dashboard. Where confidence intervals on a particular indicator overlap for estimates for different counties, or for a county versus the statewide data point, these estimates are often not statistically significantly different from each other.

This research was supported by Tipping Point Community.

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Dashboard - Early Childhood

Dashboard - Education

Dashboard - Safety Net Supports

Dashboard - Tax Credits

Dashboard - Housing