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  • The Covid-19 pandemic abruptly halted in-person schooling and sent parents scrambling to manage their children’s education from home. In this report, we use immersive interviews from the American Voices Project to hear directly from... More
  • The Russell Sage Foundation is soliciting proposals from researchers interested in using American Voices Project data (AVP). The AVP is the country’s first platform for conducting qualitative interviews with a nationally representative... More
  • RSF invites empirical papers that examine heterogeneity in the effects of disruptive events on children's attainment and wellbeing. Given the health, economic, and social upheaval of 2020, this is a crucial time to understand the... More
  • As the Covid-19 pandemic and unemployment persist, many people are at risk of long-term economic distress, though the impacts of the pandemic-induced recession are not spread equally. Using immersive interviews from the American Voices... More
  • The American Voices Project is a nationwide study of how people are doing during these difficult times. It’s a first-of-its-kind study that relies on in-depth immersive interviews delivered to representative samples across the United... More