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  • Every community in the United States is unique and faces its own set of challenges and triumphs.
  • Are there 20,000 Californians in deep poverty? 200,000? Or 2 million? Drawing on administrative and survey data, the California Poverty Measure is the best and most comprehensive measure of poverty in California.
  • The lab brings together Stanford students and faculty, Silicon Valley leaders, and experts in the government and nonprofit sectors to incubate technology-based solutions to poverty and inequality.

CPI News

  • The CPI, together with Third Sector, has developed a new research data infrastructure for human service agencies in Washington and California. This infrastructure is now being used to evaluate the effectiveness of social programs and to... More
  • Despite a booming economy, the poverty rate in California has remained intransigently high. Because eligibility for safety net programs doesn’t account for high housing costs, the safety net’s poverty-reducing effect is reduced, and... More
  • The Institute for Research on Poverty is calling for applications for a postdoctoral fellow. The fellow will be in residence at the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation. Applications are due December 1, 2019.... More
  • A new interactive data tool from the Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University—directed by CPI research group leader Sean Reardon—helps educators, parents, and policymakers examine trends in education for different racial and... More
  • CPI director David Grusky and GRACE CEO Conway Collis discuss a bold plan to eliminate deep child poverty in California.  Read the article