Stanford Affiliates

Stanford University, School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Health Policy
Public Health
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Stanford University
Kleinheinz Family Professor of European Studies; Vernon R. and Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences; Professor, Classics and History
family, gender inequality
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Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Sociology
race and ethnicity, social demography, social inequality and stratification, social psychology
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Stanford University
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society; Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities and Arts
social and political philosophy, philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, feminist philosophy
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Stanford University
Dickason Professor in the Humanities; Professor of Classics and History
ancient social and economic history, historical demography, slavery, state formation
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Stanford University
Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; Professor of Sociology; Director of the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center; Director of the Korea Program
Korean democratization, Korean nationalism, US-Korean relations, social roots of rapid postward industrialization, social movements
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Stanford University
David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor of Political Economy; Professor of Political Science (by courtesy); Co-Director of Strategy Beyond Markets: Building Reputation and Competitive Advantage
political economy, electoral institutions, political leadership, statistical analysis of voting patterns
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Stanford University
Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor of Public Policy
American politics, public opinion, democratic theory
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Stanford University
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Research Group Leader, Director of Social Science Secure Data Center, Professor of Sociology, Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Humanities and Sciences
racial identification and residence, education, family composition, immigration and intermarriage rates
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Stanford University
The Robert A. and Elizabeth R. Jeffe Professor and Professor of Organizational Behavior; Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
dynamics of organizational and strategic change, organizational behavior, entrepreneurial behavior
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Stanford University
Professor of Law; Director Immigrants' Rights Clinic
civil rights, immigration law
Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
economic sociology, labor markets, strategic HR, networks and careers, inequality
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Stanford University
Poverty and Technology Lab Leader; Director of Digital Research and Planning; Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Graduate School of Business (by courtesy); Associate Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
academic restructuring, alternative schooling, decision making, educational policy, globalization
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Stanford University
Professor of Education, Emerita, and (by Courtesy) the Graduate School of Business
family issues, labor economics, gender segregation, gender issues in work settings, women in professions and mangagement, economics of child care, economics of combining work and family
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Stanford University
Senior Research Scholar
inequality, social mobility, cross-national analyses of inequality, Russian society, longitudinal research on inequality
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Stanford University
Professor of Political Science
international political economy, Latin America, statistical methods, elections
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Stanford University
Mobility Research Group Leader, Professor of Sociology
stratification and mobility, sociology education, social demography, early origins of disadvantage
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Stanford University
Professor of Sociology, Emerita
life careers, social stratification, quantitative methods for studying change
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Stanford University
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Bonnie Katz Tenenbaum Professor of Education
English-Spanish bilingualism of Latinos in the US, immigrant communities
Stanford University
Associate Director, Center on Poverty and Inequality; Pathways Senior Editor