Stanford Affiliates

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Stanford University
Morris M. Doyle Centennial Professor in Public Policy, Emeritus, Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Emeritus
antitrust, damages, energy, intellectual property rights, mass media and advertising, regulation, telecommunications
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Stanford University
Fred H. Merrill Professor of Economics; Director, Big Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action Co-Director, Harnessing AI for Breakthrough Innovation and Strategic Impact Co-Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Director, Stanford Latino Entre
economics of organizations, human resource practices, compensation systems
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Stanford University
Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics; Medical Director, The Primary School
integrated care, health policy
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Stanford University
Discrimination Research Group Leader; Assistant Professor of Sociology
race and gender stratification, labor markets, economic and organizational sociology, and experimental methods
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Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Economics
gender relations, public economics, development economics
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Stanford Law School
Incarceration Research Group Leader; Adelbert H. Sweet Professor of Law; Faculty Co-Director of Stanford Criminal Justice Center
crime control, sentencing, and corrections
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Stanford University
Consumption Research Group Leader, Professor of Economics, "Ralph Landau" Senior Fellow at SIEPR
consumption and income dynamics, consumption mobility, applied economics, consumption and saving choice, labor supply, econometrics of panel data
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Stanford University
Professor of Education, Professor of Sociology, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Professor of Communication
networks, institutions, university-industry interfaces, profit and non-profit sectors
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Stanford University
Professor of Education;Professor of Sociology (by courtesy); Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)
globalization of human rights, science and development, changing status of women in society, universities as institutions
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Stanford University
Education Research Group Leader, Life Course Research Group Leader, Professor of Poverty and Inequality
residential and school segregation, race/ethnic and socioeconomic achievement disparities, neighborhood influence in child development
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Stanford University
Health Disparities Research Group Leader; Associate Professor of Medicine; Associate Professor (By courtesy), Health Research & Policy
human development, income distribution, socioeconomic status and health risk factors
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Stanford University
Poverty and Technology Lab Leader; Director of the Center for Ethics in Society; Co-Director of Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society; Professor of Political Science; Professor, by courtesy, of Philosophy; Professor, by courtesy, of Education
political philosophy, moral status of children in liberal democracies, ethics, public policy, ethics and applied ethics, contemporary liberal theory
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Stanford University
Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law; Director, Center on the Legal Profession
professional responsibility, gender law and public policy
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Stanford University
Discrimination Research Group Leader, Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences
social psychology, group processes, gender stratification, status processes
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Stanford University School of Medicine
Associate Professor (Teaching) of Pediatrics
program evaluation
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Stanford University
Professor of Sociology
race and ethnicity, immigration, assimilation, intermarriage
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Stanford University
Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics; George Gund Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Emeritus
game theory, experimental economics, market design
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Stanford University
Kleinheinz Family Professor of European Studies; Vernon R. and Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences; Professor, Classics and History
family, gender inequality
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Stanford University
Assistant Professor of Sociology
race and ethnicity, social demography, social inequality and stratification, social psychology
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Stanford University
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society; Senior Associate Dean for the Humanities and Arts
social and political philosophy, philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, feminist philosophy