National & International Affiliates

Jason Beckfield's picture
Harvard University
Professor of Sociology, Associate Director, Center for Population and Development Studies
population health profiles, income inequality, social inequality
Martin Benavides's picture
Pennsylvania State University
Senior Researcher
stratification and social change, sociology of education, citizenship, program evaluation, methodology
University of California, San Diego
Chair and Professor of Economics; Research Director for International Security Studies at the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
labor economics, labor demand and technological change, religion, Middle East, fertility, immigration
Daniel Bertaux's picture
École des hautes Études en science sociales
Member, Centre d'etude des mouvements sociaux, Director of research, Centre national de la recherche scientifique
life stories, social welfare states, social movements
University of Notre Dame
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics
Tim Biblarz's picture
University of Southern California
Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
causes and consequences of social inequalities in the United States over time, family structure and children's success
University of Illinois-Chicago
Professor of Sociology
organizations, labor markets and discrimination, social stratification, gender and race
Kendra Bischoff's picture
Cornell University
Associate Professor of Sociology
social stratification, sociology of education, urban sociology
Columbia University
Professor of Economics and International and Public Affairs
Rebecca M. Blank's picture
University of Wisconsin-Madison
poverty and social welfare, quantitative methods of analysis/evaluation, tax and economic policy
Francine D. Blau's picture
Cornell University
Frances Perkins Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Labor Economics; Research Associate, NBER; Research Fellow of IZA
discrimination, gender and families, immigration and the labor force, labor economics, occupational segregation, policy and analysis, wage differentials
Bamberg University
Professor of Sociology
family, labor market research, demography, social mobility, the modern methods of quantitative social research and statistical methods for longitudinal data analysis
University of California, Riverside
Professor Emeritus (Sociology and Ethnic Studies)
labor movement
Henry E. Brady's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
Professor of Sociology and Statistics
social stratification and mobility, higher education, causal inference
Richard Breen's picture
University of Oxford
Professor of Sociology; Fellow of Nuffield College
rational choice models, quantitative methods and mathematical models, social mobility, income inequality
University of Arizona
Professor of Sociology; Professor (by courtesy), School of Government and Public Policy; Affiliate Member, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Statistics at the University of Arizona
social networks, stratification, mathematical models
William Bridges's picture
University of Illinois at Chicago
Professor of Sociology, Emeritus
labor markets and social inequality, gender
University of Washington
Associate Professor of Sociology
gender stratification, family and household dynamics, parental issues, labor markets and employment
University of California, Riverside
Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy
sociology of education, sociological theory, sociology of professions, political sociology