National & International Affiliates

Herbert J. Gans's picture
Columbia University
R S Lynd Professor Emeritus and Special Lecturer
urban poverty and antipoverty policy, urban sociology, race and ethnicity
Harry B. G. Ganzeboom's Image
Free University Amsterdam
Professor of Sociology and Social Research Methodology
social mobility, educational inequality
Alan M. Garber's picture
Harvard University
Provost, Mallinckrodt Professor of Health Care Policy
health screening programs, health care of the elderly, health expenditure growth, international comparisons of healthcare financing and delivery
Filiz Garip's picture
Cornell University
Professor of Sociology
migration, economic sociology and inequality
Rodolfo O. De La Garza's picture
Columbia University
Eaton Professor of Adminstrative Law and Municipal Science; Professor of International Public Affairs; Member, Council of Foreign Relations
immigrant incorporation, Latinos and U. S. foreign policy, Latino voting patterns
Henry-Louis Gates's picture
Harvard University
Alphonse Fletcher University Professor; Director of the W.E.B. DuBois Insitute for African and African American Research; Professor of English and American Literature and Language
the African American experience, African American literature and literary criticism
Christina Gathmann's picture
Heidelberg University
Professor of Labor Economics and Political Economy, Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics; Research Fellow at CESifo, the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), and the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW)
labor, migration, health, political economy
Lisa Gennetian's picture
New York University
Research Professor, Institute for Human Development and Social Change; Director, the beELL initiative ; Director, Poverty and Economic Self-Sufficiency, National Center for Research on Hispanic Families and Children; Senior Researcher, National Bureau of Economic Research
Income security, childcare, children’s development, poverty, economic instability
Kathleen Gerson's picture
New York University
Professor of Sociology
work, family, children of the gender revolution, the transformation of gender
Linda Giannarelli's picture
The Urban Institute
Senior Fellow
Anthony Giddens's picture
London School of Economics and Political Science
Life Fellow of King's College; Professor Lord (Emeritus); Director, Center for the Study of Global Governance
theory of structuration, modernity, globalization, third way politics, class and class structure
Dennis Gilbert's picture
Hamilton College
Professor of Sociology Emeritus; Lecturer in Sociology
class structure, politics and inequality, Latin America
Martin Gilens's picture
Princeton University
Professor of Politics; Faculty Associate, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
public opinion, mass media, race and politics, survey methods
Claudia Goldin's picture
Harvard University
Henry Lee Professor of Economics; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
economic history, labor markets, gender inequality, educational inequality, urban slavery
John Goldthorpe's picture
Nuffield College
Emeritus Fellow, Sociology
social stratification and comparative macro-sociology, social mobility, class analysis, theory, methodology
Leo Goodman's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Sociology and Statistics; Member, National Academy of Sciences
statistical methods of research, mathematical demography, mathematical sociology, social mobility
Janet Gornick's picture
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Professor of Political Science and Sociology; Director, Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality; Director, US Office of LIS (Cross-National Data Center in Luxembourg)
family well‐being, gender equality, and income inequality.   
Peter T. Gottschalk's picture
Boston College
Research Professor of Economics; Research Fellow, IZA
labor economics, human resource economics, poverty, income inequality, education
Nan Dirk De Graaf's picture
University of Oxford
Professor and Official Fellow, Department of Sociology, Nuffield College
neighbourhoods and crime victimization, class identity of married women, social class and education, trends in social inequality
Paul M. De Graaf's picture
University of Tilburg
Professor of Cross-national and Longitudinal Analyzes of Socio-cultural processes
families and divorce, comparative study of self-employment, educational inequality