Linda Giannarelli

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Senior Fellow
The Urban Institute
Linda Giannarelli, a Senior Fellow in the Income and Benefits Policy Center, has over three decades of experience studying the programs that support lower-income families and the impact of the safety net on economic well-being. She is currently focusing on three substantive areas: estimating the anti-poverty impacts of social policies; assessing the extent to which low-income families eligible for various cash and non-cash benefits receive those supports; and considering the impact of increased earnings on program eligibility and benefits. Over the past ten years, Ms. Giannarelli has directed a series of projects assessing how changes in benefit programs, tax programs, and employment policies could reduce poverty, using sophisticated microsimulation modeling and using alternative poverty measures to capture the impacts of a wide range of potential policy changes. Ms. Giannarelli co-developed the techniques for performing this type of analysis with American Community Survey data, allowing state and city-level analysis. In other work, Ms. Giannarelli directs the projects that track the detailed state choices that states make in the implementation of both CCDF and the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, and leads work to estimate the numbers of people and families eligible for CCDF, TANF, and the Women, Infants, and Children program. Ms. Giannarelli has also conducted research related to immigrants’ participation in social welfare programs, job training, the Food Stamp Program, the school lunch program, Social Security, federal income tax reform, child-related income tax credits, and the economic impacts of naturalization. This breadth of experience gives her a thorough knowledge of the workings of individual programs as well as an understanding of their interrelationships.