National & International Affiliates

Sandra Susan Smith's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Assistant Professor, Sociology
urban poverty, joblessness, race and ethnicity, social networks and social capital, intra-group processes
Michael Sobel's picture
Columbia University
Professor of Statistics
causal inference, models for categorical data, structural equation models, neighbourhood effects and applications of finance
Gary Solon's picture
University of Michigan
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Claude Steele's picture
Stanford University
I. James Quillen Endowed Dean, Emeritus ;Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences, Emeritus
coping with self-image threats, group stereotypes and intellectual performance, addictive behaviors
Haya Stier's picture
Tel Aviv University
Professor of Sociology and of Labor Studies
family, work and labor markets, sex and gender
Ross M. Stolzenberg's picture
The University of Chicago
Professor of Sociology; Faculty Research Associate, NORC
statistical methodology, employment, organizations, demography, health and the family
Peter Stone's picture
Trinity College Dublin
Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Science
theories of justice, democratic theory, rational choice theory, philosophy of social science
Stefan Svallfors's picture
Umea University
Professor of Sociology; Chairman of Social Welfare Research; Professor in Sociology, Södertörn University; Research Director, Institute for Futures Studies
class differences in attitudes and values, life chances and social mobility, welfare regimes
Peter A. Swenson's picture
Yale University
Charlotte Marion Saden Professor of Political Science
comparative economy of labor markets and social welfare in Europe and the United States
Ivan Szelenyi's picture
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Dean of Social Sciences; Professor of Sociology, Emeritus, Yale University, UCLA
intellectuals, market transitions from socialism to capitalism, poverty and ethnicity in Eastern Europe, social theory
University of Wisconsin
Walker Family Distinguished Chair in Economics
labor economics, econometrics, public economics
Michele Tertilt's picture
University of Mannhein
Professor of Economics; Research Affiliate at BREAD, European Development Research Network (EUDN); Research Fellow at CEPR
Jeffrey P. Thompson's picture
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Director, Senior Economist and Policy Advisor
Larissa Tiedens's picture
Scripps College
W.M. Keck Presidential Chair, Scripps College
feeling and expression of emotions in organizations, emotion regulation, social hierarchy and power
Marta Tienda's picture
Princeton University
Professor, Maurice P. During '22 Professor in Demographic Studies; Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs; Director, Program in Latino Studies
ethnic and racial stratification, poverty and social policy, sociology of employment and labor markets.
Donald Tomaskovic-Devey's picture
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Professor of Sociology; Research Analyst, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Research, Information and Planning
workplace inequality, discrimination and segregation at the workplace
Robert H. Topel's picture
The University of Chicago
Isidore Brown and Gladys J. Brown Professor in Urban and Labor Economics; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
industrial organization, health economics, labor markets, compensation and organizations
Van C. Tran's picture
Columbia University
Assistant Professor of Sociology
immigration, race and ethnicity, urban poverty, social inequality, public policy, Population Health
Donald J. Treiman's picture
University of California , Los Angeles
Distinguished Professor of Sociology Emeritus; Research Professor, UCLA Faculty Associate, California Center for Population Research
stratification and mobility, demography, comparative and historical sociology
Shu-Ling Tsai's picture
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Full-Time Researcher
religious change, social change, education and society