National & International Affiliates

Elizabeth Rhodes's picture
Y Combinator Research
Basic Income Research Director
Carlos-Antonio-Costa Ribeiro's picture
Intituto Universitario de Pesquisas do Rio de Janeiro
Professor of Sociology; member of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Inequality Studies
social class, social mobility, social policy, race, crime, quantitative sociology, econometrics, urban sociology, Brazil
Fernando Riosmena's picture
University of Colorado at Boulder
Associate Professor, Population Program, Institute of Behavioral Science and Geography Department
immigrant health, spatial and social mobility
Jamie Riviere's picture
University of Salamanca
Assistant Professor, Visiting Scholar
John Roemer's picture
Yale University
Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Professor of Political Sciences and Economics; Fellow, Econometric Society
political economy and distributive justice
Noliwe Rooks's picture
Cornell University
Associate Professor in Africana Studies and Feminist, Gender, Sexuality Studies
class and gender in African American communities, culture
Patricia A. Roos's picture
Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Professor of Sociology
sociology of work, gender and work inequalities, work, family
Jesse Rothstein's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Labor Markets Research Group Leader; Professor of Public Policy and Economics; Director of Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE); Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research; Co-Director, California Policy Lab
school infrastructure spending, affirmative action, racial segregation
Cecilia Elena Rouse's picture
Princeton University
Dean, Woodrow Wilson School, Lawrence and Shirley Katzman and Lewis and Anna Ernst Professor in the Economics of Education
labor economics, economics of education
Lillian Rubin's picture
Public Intellectual
working class families, gender inequality, sexual revolution, aging
Mariah Debra Ruperti Evans's picture
University of Nevada, Reno
Professor of Sociology
education, public opinion research, social indicators research, social mobility, immigration
Emmanuel Saez's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Income and Wealth Research Group Leader; Professor of Economics; Director, Center for Equitable Growth
taxation, redistribution, and inequality
Arthur Sakamoto's picture
Texas A&M University
Professor of Sociology
demography, social organizations
Robert J. Sampson's picture
Harvard University
Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences
crime, the life course, neighborhood effects, the social organization of cities
Robin Samuel's picture
University of Luxembourg
Associate Professor of Sociology
work, education, social inequality
Senior Researcher
mental health, physical health, education, and economic outcomes of low-income families and their children
Martín Sánchez-Jankowski's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Director of Institute for the Study of Societal Issues; Chair of the Center for Ethnographic Research; Professor of Sociology
sociology of poverty, race and ethnicity, social violence, methodology
Gary Sandefur's picture
Oklahoma State University
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Sociology
aging/life course, demography and ecology, family, race and ethnic studies, social stratification
Rebecca L. Sandefur's picture
University of Illinois
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology; Associate Professor, College of Law (by courtesy); Faculty Affiliate, Women and Gender in Global Perspective and Program in Law, Behavior and Social Sciences
law and society, work, sociology of education, inequality/social stratification, labour markets and careers
Saskia Sassen's picture
Columbia University
Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology; Centennial Visiting Professor, London School of Economics; Member of Columbia's Committee on Global Thought
globalization, urban sociology