State of the Union Conference 2019

Our sixth annual State of the Union issue of Pathways was issued in 2019, and findings were presented at our State of the Union conference. In this report, the country’s leading experts analyze how millennials were faring. Could they make it in the new gig economy? Were they facing higher rates of poverty than previous generations? Were the key race and gender gaps finally closing for them? Here's our promise: Many of the answers surprise. Read now.

State of the Union Conference 2019, Stanford University (June 6, 2019)

Racial and Gender Identities - Sasha Shen Johfre and Aliya Saperstein, Stanford University

Student Debt - Susan Dynarski, University of Michigan

Employment - Harry J. Holzer, Georgetown University

Criminal Justice - Bruce Western, Columbia University and Jessica Simes, Boston University

Education - Florencia Torche and Amy L. Johnson, Stanford University

Income and Earnings - Christine Percheski, Northwestern University

Social Mobility - Michael Hout, New York University

Occupational Segregation - Kim Weeden, Cornell University

Poverty and the Safety Net - Marybeth Mattingly, Stanford University; Christopher Wimer, Sophie Collyer and Luke Aylward, Columbia University

Housing - Darrick Hamilton, Ohio State University, and Christopher Famighetti, The New School

Social Networks - Mario L. Small and Maleah Fekete, Harvard University

Health - Mark Duggan and Jackie Li, Stanford University

Policy - Sheldon Danziger, Russell Sage Foundation

Hosted by the Stanford Center on Poverty and InequalityStanford Institute for Economic Policy ResearchStanford Center on Longevity, and Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences.

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