Student Research Positions at Equity by Design Lab

Adina Sterling is an associate professor of organizational behavior at the GSB, and works on organizational and labor market inequality. She founded and directs the Equity by Design Lab at the GSB. The lab is hiring several undergraduate student researchers for a project on hiring during the winter and spring quarters. Interested students should apply promptly.

  • Students should be available to work 5-10 hours per week (5 hours minimum). 
  • The position is both for the winter and spring quarters.
  • There are multiple positions available.
  • Extremely motivated and organized students interested in the mission of the lab should apply. 
  • There are no programming skills required for this position, but you do need to be able to use basic data management software (Google Sheets). Please apply by going to the lab website here (, and clicking on at the application button at the bottom of the page to begin the application. 
  • You need to attach your resume to the application.

If you have any questions, please email

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Publication Date: 
January, 2021