Locked in Place

How have migration patterns changed over generations? What is the affect on poverty and inequality outcomes? The winter 2019 issue of Pathways explores the role of geography in social mobility. 

Table of Contents (Winter 2019)

Moving Out to Move Up: Who Leaves and Where Do They Go?
Do people in areas with little economic opportunity find it increasingly difficult to move away?
Destination Decisions
The congregation of college graduates in cities with desirable amenities has amplified inequalities between low- and high-skill workers.
Still Stuck in Place
Our life chances are becoming even more closely tied to our geographic origins than in the past.
Poverty Traps
Nearly 25 million Americans live in “persistently poor” places with little hope for mobility or economic improvement.
What Would a New Kerner Commission Conclude Today?
Poor minority households are segregated both from white residents and from better-off members of their own racial or ethnic group.