Green Jobs

The future of poverty in a green economy: Are green jobs a silver bullet?

Table of Contents (Fall 2009 )


Are Green Jobs a Silver Bullet?
Van Jones makes the case for green jobs as a poverty-killer.
Seizing the Energy Opportunity
John Podesta and Sarah Miller discuss how new policies can generate new jobs that will combat climate change and poverty all at once.
A Hazy Shade of Green: Debunking the Myths of the Green Jobs Movement
Max Schulz casts a skeptic's eye on the lofty ambitions of the green jobs movement.
Green Data: What Do We Really Know About Jobs in the Green Economy?
Kil Huh and Lori Grange reveal just how many green jobs we have now and who is getting them.


Editor's Note


Spotlight On...Springboard Forward
We talk with Elliott Brown of Springboard Forward about a new approach to workforce development.
Doubling Down: Reforming Retirement and Disability Policy at the Same Time
David Stapleton argues for revamped retirement and disability policy that will save money and retain healthy, older workers in the workplace.

Research in Brief

New Research Developments
Shocking data on employers who "steal" from the poor, a fresh look at poverty and consumption, and other cutting-edge research.


The Squeeze Before the Storm
Will the Great Recession bring about a "Great Compression" in wealth inequality? Edward N. Wolff parses the data.