A Qualitative Census of Rural and Urban Poverty

If we want to build authentic evidence-based policy, we need a strong descriptive foundation of evidence on the everyday experience of poverty. The National Poverty Study (NPS), which is currently in development, provides this foundation with a new “qualitative census” of the everyday conditions of poverty in rural, suburban, and urban sites. The NPS will allow us to build new evidence-based theories of poverty, evaluate and improve existing place-based antipoverty policies, validate official poverty measures, and assist local communities in improving the safety net for vulnerable populations.

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J. Trent Alexander,
Robert Andersen,
Peter W. Cookson,
Kathryn Edin,
Jonathan Fisher,
David B. Grusky,
Marybeth Mattingly,
Charles Varner
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Publication Date: 
June 2017