Guest Lecture: Nancy Qian

Please join us for a special guest lecture by Yale University economics professor Nancy Qian.

The Fluidity of Race: Racial ‘Passing’ in the United States, 1400-1900

Wednesday February 17, Building 200, Room 202, 12:30pm

Nancy Qian is an assistant professor of economics at Yale University, where she teaches development economics. She is a native of Shanghai, China, and holds a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research is focused on providing rigorous empirical evidence for a set of core questions in development economics that broadly fall into two sub-categories: demography and development, and institutions and development. Her recent work focuses on the fluidity of race and ethnicity by quantifying the extent to which individuals experience changes in reported racial identity in the historical U.S. context. Read her working paper published last year by NBER.