Sarah Burgard

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Associate Professor of Sociology and Epidemiology; Research Associate Professor, Population Studies Center; Director of Graduate Studies
University of Michigan
I am Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, and Research Associate Professor at the Population Studies Center, all at the University of Michigan. My research focuses on the ways that stratification by race/ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic position influence people’s opportunities in life and how this influences their health. I use large-scale social surveys and other data to examine a variety of health outcomes that chart the boundaries of the healthy life course, with the long term goal of understanding how policy and intervention could reduce social disparities in health. My published work has examined racial and gender inequalities in maternal and child health in South Africa, Brazil, China, and elsewhere. A second strand of research focuses on the association between employment instability – job losses, job insecurity, and bad jobs – and workers’ health. Recently, I have also become interested in the social determinants of sleep quality and quantity. Papers I have written or coauthored have received the Dorothy S. Thomas Award from the Population Association of America and the Best Student Paper Award and Distinguished Sociology of Population Paper Award from the Sociology of Population Section of the American Sociological Association.

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