Robert M. Hauser

Vilas Research Professor of Sociology, Director, Center for Demography of Health and Aging
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert M. Hauser has wide-ranging research and teaching interests in aging, social stratification, and social statistics. He collaborated with David L. Featherman on the 1973 Occupational Changes in a Generation Survey, a replication and extension of the classic Blau-Duncan study. Beginning in 1969, he collaborated with William H. Sewell on the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, and he has led the WLS since 1980. The WLS began as a study of the transition from high school to college or the work force. It has become a multi-disciplinary study of the life course and aging, and the next major round of WLS surveys will begin in mid-2009. In recent years, Hauser has combined work on the WLS with studies of trends and differentials in educational attainment, the role of achievement testing in American society, and the measurement of adult literacy. On these projects, Hauser has worked closely with many graduate students. His classroom teaching repertoire includes social stratification, research methods, and introductory and advanced courses in statistics, including structural equation models and discrete multivariate analysis. He has pursued connections between social science and social policy through his work with the National Research Council.

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