Nan Marie Astone

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Senior Fellow
The Urban Institute
Nan Marie Astone is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Labor, Human Services and Population at The Urban Institute. She earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Chicago in 1988. Astone’s principle substantive expertise is in adolescent health and she has a particular interest in adolescent reproductive health and male adolescent health. She has designed questionnaires for small, local samples of adolescents as well as for a large, nationally representative follow up survey of an adolescent cohort (the National Survey of Adolescent Males). She has over 75 publications that have appeared in journals from a range of disciplines. Astone is unusual in that her background includes studies that employ advanced statistical methods using large omnibus, nationally representative data as well as small studies that were done with community based participatory approaches and qualitative data collection and analysis. She is an expert in both statistical and demographic approaches to the analysis of longitudinal data and she is also an expert on multi-level models. She co-led an implementation evaluation of a national survey in Canada. Astone is the author of two short pieces on the Young Men’s Initiative in New York City. She is currently leading an impact evaluation of Arches, a program for young adult probationers in New York City.