Lisa Catanzarite

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Vice President, Research and Evaluation, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce & UNITE-LA; Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce & UNITE-LA
Dr. Lisa Catanzarite oversees research and evaluation activities in education and workforce development. Prior to joining UNITE-LA and the Chamber, Dr. Catanzarite spent almost two decades in academia as a senior research sociologist and professor of sociology and of urban studies and planning at University of California San Diego, University of California Los Angeles, and Washington State University. Dr. Catanzarite’s research record centers on labor markets, poverty, and education. In addition to her academic background, Catanzarite’s experience includes private sector research and administrative positions in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Catanzarite completed a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s in education, a master’s in sociology, and a Ph.D. in sociology at Stanford University, as well as a post-doctoral fellowship in sociology at UCLA.

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