Juliana Bidadanure

Associate Professor of Philosophy
New York University
Juliana Uhuru Bidadanure is Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Affiliated Faculty of Law, at NYU. She joined NYU in Fall 2023 from Stanford University where she was Assistant Professor of Philosophy and, by courtesy of Political Science, and Faculty Director of the Stanford Basic Income Lab. Bidadanure is a philosopher of inequalities. She studies what grounds our commitment to equality, diagnoses unjust inequalities, and considers various policies to remedy them. Her book Justice Across Ages (OUP 2021) asks how we should respond to inequalities between persons at different stages of their lives. She developed a theory to guide a fair distribution of goods like jobs, healthcare, income, and political power between age groups. Bidadanure’s work branches from philosophy into public policy: she has written on youth policies, youth quotas in parliaments, basic income, basic capital, baby bonds, among other proposals.

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