Daniel Lichter

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Segregation Research Group Leader; Professor of Sociology; Director of Cornell Population Center; Ferris Family Professor of Policy Analysis and Management; Robert S. Harrison Director of the Institute for Social Sciences
Cornell University
Dr. Lichter has published widely on topics in population and public policy, including studies of concentrated poverty and inequality, intermarriage, cohabitation and marriage among disadvantaged women, and immigrant incorporation. His recent work, for example, has focused on changing ethnoracial boundaries, as measured by changing patterns of interracial marriage and residential segregation in the United States. He is especially interested in America's racial and ethnic transformation, growing diversity, and the implications for the future. Dr. Lichter's other work centers on new destinations of recent immigrants, especially Hispanics moving to less densely-settled rural areas. He has provided new national estimates of racial residential segregation in Hispanic "boom towns" in the Midwest and South, focusing on the spatial assimilation and economic incorporation of the new immigrants into local communities. As a measure of acculturation, he also has documented high rates of fertility and poverty among Hispanic immigrants and natives in new destinations.

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