Caroline Whistler

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President and Co-Founder
Third Sector Capital Partners
Caroline co-founded Third Sector Capital Partners with George Overholser and Drew von Glahn after completing a Fulbright Fellowship in Brazil researching nonprofit sustainability. Prior to Third Sector she worked at Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) Capital Partners, a leader in applying growth metrics and accountability to equity-like financing for high performing nonprofits. While at NFF, Caroline structured growth capital campaigns, conducted economic feasibility analyses and designed scenario planning tools to help raise over $320 million in capital for nonprofits including Health Leads and Year Up. Caroline opened the San Francisco office for Third Sector and led the completion of the Cuyahoga and Santa Clara County projects, and leads the government advisory and project construction engagements for the firm. In 2015, she was named in the Chronicle of Philanthropy's 40 Under 40 list in recognition of her leading role advancing Pay for Success in the United States.