Grants and Fellowships

The Center supports grants programs for postdoctoral scholars, new scholars, and other scholars conducting research on trends in poverty and inequality.

New Scholars

From 2011–2016, the Center funded research by "New Scholars" (i.e., scholars who received their Ph.D. within the last seven years) who then worked collaboratively with one of the CPI's Research Groups to carry out the proposed research project [read more].

Postdoctoral Scholars

The Center regularly hosts postdoctoral scholars, who complete their own research and work collaboratively with Center faculty, staff, and students to produce original scholarship on trends in poverty and inequality [read more].

Poverty, Inequality, & Mobility Among Hispanics

In 2012-2013, the Center awarded research grants to expand our knowledge of key trends in poverty, inequality, and mobility among Hispanics in the United States [read more]

Administrative Data Program

In 2016, the CPI partnered with Third Sector Capital Partners to build an administrative-data framework for measuring and evaluating the success of social service programs that aim to increase economic opportunity. The first cohort of state and local agencies to receive research and development support include the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, Santa Cruz Human Services Department, and Washington Department of Early Learning [read more].