Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

The Center sponsors graduate and undergraduate courses of study focused on poverty and inequality.

Graduate Students

The Center has developed a master's degree in public policy with a concentration in poverty and inequality. The program program is principally intended for Stanford University students who have been admitted to a Ph.D. program. The core MPP courses cover such topics as economics, benefit-cost analysis, organizations, econometrics, cognitive psychology, law and economics, and political philosophy [read more].

Undergraduate Students

The Stanford Certificate in Poverty and Inequality recognizes undergraduates who have developed expertise in one or more of the Center's research areas. Although the certificate does not appear on an official University transcript, it provides formal recognition of a rigorous program of study in the field of poverty and inequality [read more].

Research Fellowships

The Center regularly hires undergraduates to join CPI projects as research fellows. Each fellowship is customized in collaboration with CPI faculty and staff to match a fellow’s research interests. Fellows will join one of the Center’s research groups and receive training in data analysis [read more]