Percent of Population Voting in National Elections


Percent of age-eligible citizen population voting in national Presidential (e.g., 2000, 2004) or Congressional (e.g., 2002, 2006) elections.


Methodological Notes: 

Voting-age citizens were asked: “In any election some people are not able to vote because they are sick or busy, or have some other reason, and others do not want to vote. Did (this person) vote in the election held on November (date varies)?”  Respondents were classified as either “voted” or “did not vote.” The “did not vote” category includes those who reported “do not know.”

The subpopulation “Age 18 to 24” only includes people who are age-eligible to vote in the year and state in which they live.  Prior to 1972, data are for people age 21 to 24 with the exception of people in Georgia and Kentucky (age 18 to 24) and Hawaii (age 20 to 24).

In 2002, there were substantial changes in the racial categories used by the Census Bureau. Time series by race that include data from both racial classifications should be interpreted with care. More details on the changes in racial categories.