• Introducing the new CPI … an innovative collaboration of the country’s leading research centers on poverty and poverty policy
  • Explore data on test scores, socioeconomic status, school district characteristics, and racial and economic segregation across the United States.
  • A new study by research group leader Raj Chetty explores the relationship between income and life expectancy.
  • Monitoring 14 key sites representing different types of U.S. poverty.
  • Building a new administrative-data infrastructure to monitor trends in labor market outcomes and to develop new capacities to evaluate programs and policies.
  • How has the distribution of wealth in the United States changed since 1913? Find out in this new paper from CPI Co-Director Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.
  • A new paper by CPI Co-Director Hilary Hoynes finds that increased economic resources in childhood improve long-run health and economic outcomes.

CPI News & Events

  • Harvard professor and CPI research group leader Matthew Desmond's 2016 book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, offers an in-depth and humanizing view of the way that housing access has changed in American cities. Join... More
  • CPI affiliate Rucker Johnson discusses intergenerational mobility and equal educational opportunity policies at the 2016 Berkeley-Stanford Conference on Inequality. Watch the video... More
  • CPI affiliate Sandra Smith examines how contact with the penal system affects employment outcomes at the 2016 Berkeley-Stanford Conference on Inequality. Watch the video... More
  • Does maternal stress show up in the next generation? Indeed it does. It depresses birth outcomes, raises the risk of perinatal complications, and even affects the mental health of the next generation, according to a new working paper by... More
  • The country’s top centers of poverty research and policy — Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, the Urban Institute, and Mathematica Policy Research — have teamed up to found a new collaborative poverty research center.  The team will be led... More