Research Fellowships

The Center on Poverty and Inequality invites undergraduate students to apply to join the CPI as research fellows. Fellowships are customized in collaboration with CPI faculty and staff to match a fellow’s research interests with CPI projects. Fellows will join one of the Center’s research groups and receive training in data analysis. We encourage interested students to review our research groups and the full list of CPI projects. The following is a sampling of past fellowship projects:

California Longitudinal Administrative Database: The CPI is building a longitudinal poverty and inequality database for California that brings together Census data with data from administrative and other “big data” sources. Fellows may participate in building and analyzing the new database, contributing to an annual report summarizing California and Bay Area poverty program effectiveness, and preparing policy briefs for local leaders, legislators, or members of Congress.

National Poverty Study: The National Poverty Study will provide the country’s first systematic qualitative evidence on how people are experiencing and coping with poverty. Fellows may participate in developing the study’s protocol and analyzing the textual and qualitative data that emerges.

Poverty and Inequality Trends: The CPI disseminates a comprehensive package of indicators that charts the main trends in social and economic inequality. Fellows may participate in updating these indicators and the accompanying data and graphing utility.

Real-Time Poverty Measurement: The CPI publishes the California Poverty Measure, which tracks where poverty is highest in California. Fellows may participate in developing fine-grained measures to track and predict poverty trends at the neighborhood and city block levels.

Openings for undergraduate fellowships are advertised through our newsletter. Interested students can also email a resume and cover letter describing their poverty and inequality interests to Applicants must be current Stanford students.