Percent of People Age 3 to 34 Enrolled in School


Percent of people between the ages of 3 and 34 who are enrolled in any type of public, parochial, or other private school as of October of the specified year.


Methodological Notes: 

This measure refers to enrollment in nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and professional schools. It includes both full-time and part-time students, and attendance can be during the day or night. Enrollment in special schools such as trade schools, business colleges, or correspondence schools is not included.

The NCES’s estimates are based on the Current Population Survey.

Prior to 1972, the “White” and “Black” racial categories include people of Hispanic ethnicity.  Beginning in 2003, the categories “White” and “Black” exclude people who identify as belonging to two or more races. Time series by race that include data from both before and after 2002 should be interpreted with care. More details on the changes in racial categories.