• Introducing the new CPI … an innovative collaboration of the country’s leading research centers on poverty and poverty policy
  • Explore data on test scores, socioeconomic status, school district characteristics, and racial and economic segregation across the United States.
  • A new study by research group leader Raj Chetty explores the relationship between income and life expectancy.
  • Monitoring 14 key sites representing different types of U.S. poverty.
  • Building a new administrative-data infrastructure to monitor trends in labor market outcomes and to develop new capacities to evaluate programs and policies.
  • How has the distribution of wealth in the United States changed since 1913? Find out in this new paper from CPI Co-Director Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.
  • A new paper by CPI Co-Director Hilary Hoynes finds that increased economic resources in childhood improve long-run health and economic outcomes.

CPI News & Events

  • Enroll now in our new online course on poverty and inequality in the United States, beginning Tuesday, October 11. It’s a special moment in U.S. history in which income inequality has reached unprecedented levels, poverty remains extreme,... More
  • Interested in becoming more involved with the CPI? To celebrate the start of the school year, we're hosting a welcome reception for undergraduate and graduate students. Please drop by and enjoy the cupcakes, meet our staff, and learn more... More
  • The CPI is hiring an administrator!  The new job entails planning and organizing CPI programs and providing communications, budget, human resources, and operational support to advance the CPI’s mission.
  • With support from Laura and John Arnold Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation, the Center on Poverty and Inequality aims to improve California’s infrastructure for evaluating and developing policy by building a new dataset of linked... More
  • Despite Egypt's constitutional guarantees of equality of opportunity, privileged families have a range of options for navigating and subverting the legal provisions, according to a new paper by CPI affiliate Michelle Jackson and Elizabeth... More