• Introducing the new CPI … an innovative collaboration of the country’s leading research centers on poverty and poverty policy
  • Explore data on test scores, socioeconomic status, school district characteristics, and racial and economic segregation across the United States.
  • A new study by research group leader Raj Chetty explores the relationship between income and life expectancy.
  • Monitoring 14 key sites representing different types of U.S. poverty.
  • Building a new administrative-data infrastructure to monitor trends in labor market outcomes and to develop new capacities to evaluate programs and policies.
  • How has the distribution of wealth in the United States changed since 1913? Find out in this new paper from CPI Co-Director Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.
  • A new paper by CPI Co-Director Hilary Hoynes finds that increased economic resources in childhood improve long-run health and economic outcomes.

CPI News & Events

  • As top incomes continue to rise, less affluent Americans are taking on more housing-related debt to keep up with their wealthier peers, according to a new paper by CPI affiliate Jeffrey Thompson.... More
  • A new working paper challenges the common assumption that the U.S. poor are, by international standards, in fact quite affluent. The paper — by CPI affiliate H. Luke Shaefer, Pinghui Wu, and CPI research group leader Kathryn Edin —... More
  • Are men more likely than women to cite their own work in scholarly publications? The simple answer: yes. In a new working paper by CPI affiliates Molly King, Shelley Correll, and their coauthors, men are found to cite their own papers 56%... More
  • Harvard professor and CPI research group leader Matthew Desmond's 2016 book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, offers an in-depth and humanizing view of the way that housing access has changed in American cities. Join... More
  • CPI affiliate Rucker Johnson discusses intergenerational mobility and equal educational opportunity policies at the 2016 Berkeley-Stanford Conference on Inequality. Watch the video... More