CPI's podcasts, hosted by Diantha Parker, feature discussions of cutting-edge research on poverty, inequality, and social policy. Funding comes from the Elfenworks Foundation, The Russell Sage Foundation, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services. 

Podcast Episodes

The Lasting Impacts of SNAP and EITC

  • Diantha talks with UC Davis economist Hilary Hoynes about how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) can help to reduce poverty...permanently.

Changes to Federal Aid Programs

  • Diantha talks with Indivar Dutta-Gupta of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities about how changes to safety net programs could affect low and middle income Americans.

Will the Occupy Movement Have Legs?

  • Diantha talks with University of Arizona sociologist Lane Kenworthy and the Pew Charitable Trust's Paul Taylor about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and what research on recessions and public opinion spell for its future.

Are Unplanned Pregnancies Always Unplanned?

  • Diantha talks with NYU sociologist Paula England about how young women think about contraception when their economic future is uncertain

Fertility and the Recession in Red and Blue

  • Diantha talks with Duke sociologist S. Philip Morgan about how couples in red and blue states are reacting very differently to the recession

Learning from Recoveries Past

  • Diantha talks with Berkeley sociologist Michael Hout about recovering from recessions, past and present

Are Americans Getting Stingier?

  • Diantha talks with Stanford political scientist Rob Reich about America's large decline in charitable giving. Find out whose giving has declined the most, which organizations have escaped this fate, and how some organizations have increased their fundraising in the recession

The Big Chill in Consumer Spending

  • Diantha talks to Stanford economist Luigi Pistaferri about what's happened to Americans' spending habits in the Great Recession and its aftermath — and what this means for the future

Disconnected Young Adults in the Great Recession

  • Diantha talks to University of Wisconsin economist Tim Smeeding about one of the groups being hit hardest by the Great Recession — young, undereducated men — and what we can do to help reconnect them to the labor force

The Great Destruction of Household Wealth

  • Diantha talks to NYU economist Edward Wolff about how much wealth we've lost in the Great Recession — and who's being hit the hardest

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Executive Pay

  • Diantha talks to Alex Edmans, Jesse Fried, and Robert Frank about just what is going on with skyrocketing executive pay in recent years — and what to do about it
    • Erratum: at the 3:17 mark, Dick Fuld is mistakenly identified as the CEO of AIG; Dick Fuld was actually the CEO of Lehman Brothers

Refashioning Income Supports for Children in Poverty

  • Diantha talks to Greg Duncan about new evidence suggesting a radically different approach to income support policies targeted at low-income families


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