Poverty & Inequality News

September, 2015
In the first in a series of webinars, Jonathan Schwabish of the Urban Institute and Donald Moynihan of the La Follette School of Public Policy and IRP explore whether social media can increase government access for low-... More
July, 2015
The postdoctoral training program provides opportunities for emerging poverty scholars to work in policy-related positions for the federal government and receive research mentoring and training from IRP faculty... More
June, 2015
Family violence rates have plateaued after decades of decline. New income support interventions can reduce family violence further, especially among high-risk, poor families.
June, 2015
The Institute for Research on Poverty’s undergraduate intern Neil Damron studies the latest research on child and youth homelessness and summarizes his findings in a new fact sheet.
May, 2015
Featuring Scott Allard and Alexandra Murphy, this IRPwebinar will examine how, in the last several decades, there have been dramatic shifts in the geography of poverty in U.S. metropolitan areas.
May, 2015
Sarah Rios finds that health impact assessments (HIAs) can uncover the social and economic causes of Valley Fever and mitigate costs for low-income communities. Rios was a 2013 Visiting Graduate Scholar at the UC Davis... More
April, 2015
Higher education provides an important pathway out of poverty, says Michal Kurlaender, an associate professor education and a member of the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research executive committee. Her research could... More
April, 2015
The Institute for Research on Poverty is on YouTube! In a recent special IRP lecture, Raj Chetty addressed "Improving Equality of Opportunity in America: New Evidence and Policy Lessons."
January, 2015
On the 51st anniversary of the War on Poverty, Marianne Page and the Director of the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research, Ann Stevens, address why the official poverty rate has barely budged. Has there been no return... More
October, 2014
On November 13-14, the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research will host the conference Poverty and Place. Scholars from across the disciplines will discuss their research on how space and place inflect poverty and which... More