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July, 2019
In this year’s State of the Union issue of Pathways Magazine, leading experts provide the latest evidence on how millennials are faring. Can they make it in the new gig economy? Are they facing higher rates of poverty... More
June, 2019
Our sixth annual State of the Union issue of Pathways is now available! In this year’s issue, the country’s leading experts provide the latest evidence on how millennials are faring. Can they make it in the new gig... More
September, 2018
New this year! The CPI and the Department of Sociology are teaming up to offer a new minor in poverty, inequality, and policy. The interdisciplinary coursework provides state-of-the-art training in the causes of poverty... More
September, 2018
Would you like to become more involved in the CPI’s research, take our new minor or certificate program, or otherwise participate in our many activities? To celebrate the start of the school year, we’re hosting a... More
July, 2018
Over 600,000 people are released from federal or state prison each year, with many returning to chaotic living environments rife with violence. In his new book, CPI affiliate Bruce Western examines the tumultuous first... More
June, 2018
The CPI is proud to announce the recipients of our 2017–18 small grants competition. Congratulations! Itay Ravid (Law School) to explore how distorted media portrayals of ethnic and racial minorities affect ... More
May, 2018
Why is the gender wage gap still so large? Why is there so much sexual harassment, labor market discrimination, and other forms of gender inequality? If you missed our State of the Union conference, check out the videos... More
May, 2018
How can we reawaken the dormant 19th-century spirit of liberal reform? In a talk at Stanford on May 17, Glen Weyl presents bold new ways to organize markets for the good of everyone.  Register now  
May, 2018
One in three households in the United States can’t meet its basic energy needs. CPI visiting scholar Diana Hernández outlines policy options to address this hidden hardship. Wednesday, May 23, Building 360, Conference... More
April, 2018
The Eviction Lab—headed by CPI research group leader Matthew Desmond—has published the first-ever dataset of evictions in America. The dataset contains 83 million eviction records and makes it possible to track... More