Center News

June, 2011
In our fifth podcast, Diantha talks to Stanford economist Luigi Pistaferri about what's happened to Americans' spending habits in the Great Recession and its aftermath – and what this means for the future.
May, 2011
Collaboration for Poverty Research Associate Director Christopher Wimer, in collaboration with CPI undergraduate fellow Jean Guo and New America Media, has updated the San Francisco Distress Index through February, 2011... More
May, 2011
In our fourth podcast, Diantha Parker talks to University of Wisconsin economist Tim Smeeding about one of the groups being hit hardest by the Great Recession – young, undereducated men – and what we can do to help... More
May, 2011
With continuing support from a generous private donor, CPI has hired its second annual Undergraduate Poverty Research Fellow. Caitlin Hicks is a senior double-majoring in Political Science and English Literature, and... More
April, 2011
In our latest working paper, Joanna Reed, Paula England, Krystale Littlejohn, and Brooke Conroy examine in-depth interviews with over 50 unmarried women in their twenties to uncover why sexually active men and women who... More
April, 2011
In our third podcast, Diantha Parker talks to NYU economist Edward Wolff about how much wealth we've lost in the Great Recession – and who's being hit the hardest.
April, 2011
Center Director David Grusky provides a commentary for Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity's series "Opportunity and the Budget: Needs, Choices, and the Future," addressing whether we need to spend more... More
March, 2011
CPI has received a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation for the project Monitoring the Effects of the Great Recession. The aim of this multi-year project is to develop a dedicated web site that will serve as a... More
January, 2011
CPI has released the second in their new line of podcasts, hosted by Diantha Parker. In this podcast, Diantha talks to Alex Edmans, Jesse Fried, and Robert Frank about just what is going on with skyrocketing executive... More
October, 2010
CPI is embarking on an innovative new study of food availability with the San Francisco Food Bank. Using data from a wide variety of sources, Christopher Wimer will lead a team of researchers to answer whether existing... More