Center News

April, 2013
The Spring 2013 issue of Pathways Magazine asks whether our "radical" housing policy of the past 40 years, a policy that puts issues of desegregation front and center, has delivered on its objectives. Can... More
January, 2013
After reviewing a large number of excellent proposals, we congratulate the 2012-2013 winners of the CPI's grant competition on Poverty, Inequality, & Mobility Among Hispanics: James Bachmeier; David Cort; Anjum... More
December, 2012
A team of CPI affiliates has released a new book exploring the relationship between democracy and equality in the United States. The contributors ask whether the rise of extreme inequality threatens some of our country... More
November, 2012
An issue dedicated to exploring the social effects of the Great Recession on its five-year anniversary.
October, 2012
Michelle Poulin is the new Senior Editor of Pathways magazine and Director of Publications for the CPI. Michelle received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston University, completed postdoctoral fellowships at the... More
October, 2012
This collaboration between the CPI and the Russell Sage Foundation offers expert analyses of the social and economic effects of the downturn across seventeen domains, including wealth, consumption, the labor market,... More
October, 2012
A new CPI Working Paper by Charles Varner and Cristobal Young investigates whether the rich flee when a "millionaire tax" is imposed. California is one of eight states that established such a tax in recent... More
October, 2012
The Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will hold its inaugural Teaching Poverty 101 Workshop, to take place at IRP from June 2 through 6, 2013. The summer workshop is designed to... More
September, 2012
Yana Kucheva, who hails from UCLA, will be joining the Center in the fall as our National Poverty Center postdoctoral scholar. Welcome, Yana!
September, 2012
In our tenth podcast, host Diantha Parker talks with the University of Arizona's Lane Kenworthy and Pew's Paul Taylor about the Occupy movement and its future.