Center News

October, 2013
The CPI is accepting applications for a postdoctoral position, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for the 2014-15 academic year. More information is here.  
October, 2013
Download our research brief on the California Poverty Measure, a new index that improves upon conventional poverty measures. Find out which counties have the highest poverty rates, which demographic groups have the... More
September, 2013
We've collected three working papers from our CPI affiliates that provide new evidence on the social and economic fallout of the Great Recession. Read them here!    
August, 2013
Check out the wealth inequality website from CPI affiliate Lisa Keister! It's the new go-to site that provides up-to-date evidence on wealth concentration, immigrants and wealth, and religion and wealth. Visit the... More
August, 2013
Congratulations to CPI Fellows Sharon Jank and Lindsay Owens for winning the Robert Dentler Award for their wildly successful "data deck" on poverty and inequality in the United States. Check out the slide deck here!   
May, 2013
Announcing a new Recession Brief by Ann Owens and Robert J. Sampson! The key finding: the communities that suffered the most during the Great Recession were those that were already disadvantaged. The Great Recession... More
April, 2013
The Spring 2013 issue of Pathways Magazine asks whether our "radical" housing policy of the past 40 years, a policy that puts issues of desegregation front and center, has delivered on its objectives. Can... More
January, 2013
After reviewing a large number of excellent proposals, we congratulate the 2012-2013 winners of the CPI's grant competition on Poverty, Inequality, & Mobility Among Hispanics: James Bachmeier; David Cort; Anjum... More
December, 2012
A team of CPI affiliates has released a new book exploring the relationship between democracy and equality in the United States. The contributors ask whether the rise of extreme inequality threatens some of our country... More
November, 2012
An issue dedicated to exploring the social effects of the Great Recession on its five-year anniversary.