Center News

January, 2016
CPI Senior Advisor Elisabeth Mason has been named “New Yorker of the Year” by NY1. Mason and four others were recognized for their efforts to help the homeless in New York City. Mason is the co-founder of Single Stop, a... More
December, 2015
Announcing the 2015-16 New Scholar Grant competition winners: Keith Gunnar Bentele, Kendra Bischoff, Deirdre Bloome, Siwei Cheng, Amy Hsin, Alexandra K. Murphy, Brian Thiede, and Kristin Turney. Congratulations to all!
December, 2015
The CPI is pleased to welcome Stephanie Garlow, our new Communications Manager. Stephanie will be assisting with production of Pathways Magazine as well as coordinating the dissemination of CPI research. For inquiries... More
November, 2015
The rise of administrative data is rapidly transforming the study of mobility, poverty, and other labor market outcomes.  A new data center, dubbed PADS, has been established at Stanford University and will be co-led by... More
November, 2015
The CPI seeks to support research that expands our knowledge of key trends in poverty and inequality. Awards will be made to "New Scholars" who will then join one of the CPI's ten research groups. Good news! The... More
October, 2015
On October 16th, David Grusky, Robert Hauser, David Johnson, and Timothy Smeeding participated in a Senate staff briefing on the topic "Sustaining the American Dream: Monitoring Social Mobility in the 21st Century." The... More
September, 2015
Because demand for The Poverty and Inequality Report 2015 has been so high, we’re releasing an updated second printing! Which U.S. states are the most segregated, have the most poverty, and are the most unequal? Find... More
July, 2015
Please join us in Chicago on Monday, August 24 at 6:30pm for a reception for CPI affiliates and supporters held in conjunction with the American Sociological Association annual meeting.
July, 2015
How much economic mobility is there in the U.S.?  A comprehensive report based on tax data and other administrative sources. Read the summary Read the full report  
June, 2015
Dr. Sanjay Basu has won the prestigious NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. The award supports Dr. Basu's research on the influence of key safety net programs on health and health care costs and also supports an... More