IRiSS Board

Henry E. Brady's picture
University of California, Berkeley
Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy
Roger A. Clay Jr.'s picture
Stanford Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
Visiting Scholar, Former President of Insight Center for Community Economic Development
Mary J. Dent's picture
Green Dot Bank
CEO and Director
Craig Falkenhagen's picture
The Stanford Fund
National Chair
Thomas Geiser's picture
TPG Capital
Senior Advisor
Roberta Katz's picture
Stanford University
Associate Vice President of Strategic Planning
Donald Kennedy's picture
Stanford University
President Emeritus; Bing Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Emeritus
Kenneth Prewitt's picture
Columbia University
Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs
John F. Sandy Smith's picture
Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
Board Chair; Partner at Kilpatrick Townsend
Donna Schweers's picture
Schweers and Associates
Principal; Independent Management Consulting Professional, Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
Lauren Speeth's picture
The Elfenworks Foundation
Founding Member, CPI Advisory Board