Internal Board

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Stanford University
Morris M. Doyle Centennial Professor in Public Policy, Emeritus; Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Emeritus
antitrust, damages, energy, intellectual property rights, mass media and advertising, regulation, telecommunications
Stanford University
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Research Group Leader; Director of Social Science Secure Data Center; Professor of Sociology
racial identification and residence, education, family composition, immigration and intermarriage rates
Stanford University
Co-Director, Center on Poverty and Inequality; Professor of Sociology
social class, gender, labor markets, social mobility, income inequality, poverty
Stanford University
Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law
professional responsibility, gender law and public policy
Stanford University
Associate Professor of Philosophy; Associate Professor of Political Science (by courtesy)
social and political philosophy, philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, feminist philosophy
Stanford University
Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor of Sociology
institutionalized politics and social movements
New York University
Caroline S. G. Munro Professor of Political Science; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
political institutions, political behavior, theory of social choice, public law
Stanford University
Charles Ducommon Professor of Education; Co-Director, School Redesign Network (SRN)
teacher education, school leadership development, school redesign, educational equity, instruction of diverse learners, education policy
Stanford University
Associate Professor of Law; Associate Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
welfare state history and theory, sociology of law, political sociology
Stanford University
Professor of Education; Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
networks, institutions, university-industry interfaces, profit and non-profit sectors