Stanford Affiliates

Our Stanford affiliates are distributed across the School of Humanities and Sciences, the School of Education, the Law School, the Graduate School of Business, and the School of Medicine.

Stanford University
Associate Professor of Philosophy; Associate Professor of Political Science (by courtesy)
social and political philosophy, philosophy of social science, philosophy of economics, feminist philosophy
Stanford University
Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor of Sociology
institutionalized politics and social movements
Stanford University
Pigott Family Professor
civil and moral education, ethical and civic dimensions of educational policy, multicultural education and minority rights in education
Stanford University
Barbara Kimball Browning Professor of Psychology (Emerita)
developmental psychology, socialization and parent-child interaction, developmental change in personality and social behavior, differential development of male and female children
Stanford University
Edgar E. Robinson Professor in US History
history of sexuality in the US, lesbian history, history of sexual violence in America
Stanford University School of Medicine
Associate Professor (Teaching)
social epidemiology, public health, program evaluation
Stanford University
Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business; Visiting Associate Professor, Sociology and Public Policy
political economy of corporate governance, organization theory and labor markets, gender
Stanford University
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
short-term stress physiology, health, healing
Stanford University
Mobility Research Group Leader; Professor of Sociology
stratification and mobility, sociology education, social demography, early origins of disadvantage
Stanford University
Professor of Education; Professor of Sociology (by courtesy)
globalization of human rights, science and development, changing status of women in society, universities as institutions