National & International Affiliates

Our national and international affiliates include many of the most prominent poverty and inequality scholars and policymakers.

University of Pennsylvania
The Charles and William Day Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences; Professor of Sociology
urban inequality, race relations, qualitative methods, deviance and social control
Stanford University
Senior Advisor; Founding Director of the Stanford Poverty and Technology Lab
University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant Professor
women's health, maternal education and health, gender differences in labor market transitions
The Urban Institute
Family Research Group Leader; Director of Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population
divorce laws, child support policy, child care policy, taxes, family formation and dissolution
Y Combinator Research
Basic Income Research Director
Univerisity of Pennsylvania
Assistant Professor of Sociology
education, poverty and child welfare, gender and ethnicity, economic development, Chinese society
University of California, Berkeley
Income and Wealth Research Group Leader; Professor of Economics; Director, Center for Equitable Growth
taxation, redistribution, and inequality
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associate Professor of Sociology
sociology of education, stratification, quantitative methods
New York University
Associate Professor, Sociology
urban studies, media and cultural production, disaster and social violence, race, theory
Harvard University
Assistant Professor
development economics, labor economics, economic demography, health economics