National & International Affiliates

Our national and international affiliates include many of the most prominent poverty and inequality scholars and policymakers.

University of California , Los Angeles
Distinguished Professor
stratification and mobility, demography, comparative and historical sociology
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
workplace inequality, discrimination and segregation at the workplace
Columbia University
Assistant Professor
race and ethnic politics, labor politics, urban politics, social movements and social science methodology
Princeton University
Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration Research Group Leader; Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs
international migration, race and housing, discrimination, education, urban poverty
Pennsylvania State University
McCourtney Professor of Sociology and Demography; Director, Center on Population Health and Aging
demography, political socialization, determinants of health and well-being, social origins of health disparities
Columbia University
McVickar Professor of Political Economy
causes and cures of joblessness and low wages among disadvanaged workers
University of California, Riverside
Professor Emeritus (Sociology and Ethnic Studies)
labor movement, racial inequality, racialization of labor, racial divisions among workers, social injustice and social change
University of Maryland
Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Research Associate, National Bureau for Economic Research
labor economics, pension and wage dynamics, local economic development, youth unemployment, unions, health policy and affirmative action
New York University
Professor of Economics; Research Associate, NBER
trends in living standard in US, effect of retirement wealth, retirement insecurity, productivity, computerization and skill change
University of California, San Diego
Associate Professor of Economics and Research Director for International Security Studies at the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
labor economics, labor demand and technological change, religion, Middle East, fertility, immigration