National & International Affiliates

Our national and international affiliates include many of the most prominent poverty and inequality scholars and policymakers.

Cornell University
Segregation Research Group Leader; Professor of Sociology; Director of Cornell Population Center
Royal Holloway University of London
Professor of Economics; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
labor economics, wages and income inquality
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics
political economy, economic development, economic theory, income and wage inequality, human capital and training, labor economics, network economics
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University of Notre Dame
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Economics
University of California, Berkeley
Labor Markets Research Group Leader; Class of 1950 Professor of Economics
immigration, wages, education, and health insurance
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Research Professor Emeritus, Population Studies Center; Professor of Sociology Emeritus
demography, social psychology, human development, gerontology.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ford Professor of Economics; Director of National Bureau of Economic Research Disability Research Center
human capital, skills training, earnings inequality, labor market impacts of technological change, contingent and intermediated work arrangements
University of California, Berkeley
Incarceration Research Group Leader; Associate Professor of Sociology
poverty and inequality, urban neighborhoods, education, incarceration, and prisoner reentry
University of California, Los Angeles
Professor of Sociology
work, art, culture, and architecture, urban sociology, ethnography
University of Michigan
Research Professor, Survey Research Center; Deputy Director, Panel Study of Income Dynamics
measurement of inequality and mobility, effects of tax rebates, equivalence scale estimation, poverty measurement, price indexes