National & International Affiliates

Our national and international affiliates include many of the most prominent poverty and inequality scholars and policymakers.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Senior Fellow
family income trends, income support policies, the causes and consequences of poverty
University of North Carolina
Kenan Distinguished Professor of Sociology; Adjunct Professor of Management, Kenan-Flager School of Business
labor markets, analysis of job quality, cross-national study of attitudes toward work
University of Texas at Austin
Professor of Sociology
demography, social organizations
University of Washington
Emeritus Professor
urban community, historical demography
University of Maryland
Professor of Sociology
race and ethnicity, gender, work and family, class analysis
University of Texas-Austin
Professor of Sociology
social inequality, race and ethnicity, gender, labor markets, research methods
Harvard University
Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management
pensions, health insurance, employee benefits
University of Chicago
McCormick Foundation Professor
tax policy, unemployment insurance, minority entrepreneurship, health care safety net
Harvard University
Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Policy; Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
labor markets, stratification, incarceration and inequality, demographic methods
University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor of Economics
social interactions, poverty traps, econometrics, labor development